Hahn/Furbacher Engagement

Rebecca Vanderhorst

May 4, 2018


Working with Laura and Chris was a blast! This sweet couple made my job easy from behind the camera. Their love for each other is so evident through their genuine attitudes and relational dynamics. This is something I find so telling of a couple; their language, tone and gentleness towards one another. This engagement session was initially photographed in Teton Canyon in Alta, Wyoming, then we migrated to the Grand Targhee Resort overlook to capture the duo in the setting sun. In spending this hour with Chris and Laura, I found them to be very patient and thoughtful individuals; two characteristics that are extremely vital in a marriage. I loved their modern style through choice of clothing. It always excites me when I notice clients working together with the “look” they’re going for (whether it’s all the woman’s decisions or not, it takes two to tango). Laura was such a beauty to photograph, and I got a kick out of Chris’ awesome curls. Such a lovely couple!! All the love and blessings as these two begin their new journey as one!

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