Mountain Mamas Elevated Midwifery

Rebecca Vanderhorst

May 7, 2018


This photoshoot was definitely a noteworthy experience. Working with Dani and Mountain Mamas Elevated Midwifery group was delightful. Having been through the process of making two birth plans (hospital setting) for my Evy and Trey, I was very interested in learning more about the “midwife track”. The opportunity to be a part of this in-home appointment was engaging. As I had my OB appointments in an office setting (Gros Ventre OB/GYN in Jackson Hole – would highly recommend!), I found this at-home option to be very personal and comfortable for the mother and family. I especially enjoyed watching Dani and Whitni walk through the process of asking questions and using their mobile equipment. My favorite part was capturing each family member listening to the baby’s heartbeat through Dani’s stethoscope. It was a beautiful and moving moment. Mountain Mamas is very professional and passionate at what they do. As well, Dani and Whitini are very knowledgeable, thoughtful and genuine specialists to work with. I loved my time in this Jackson Hole home and would highly recommend Mountain Mamas.

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